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Wedding Season Style...

Tis the season for marital bliss! And awesome wedding guest outfits. June is wedding month, although for those of us that reside in the Pacific Northwest, June is a mixed bag as far as the weather is concerned. Ever hear of "June Gloom?" Well it's a thing here and is as real as it gets. So June usually isn't the top month of choice for local weddings. However, my friends took a chance against the normally dismal June weather, and had a lovely farm/barn wedding up in Whidbey Island on June 10th. I took the opportunity to plan for an appropriate outfit, but I'm tired of wearing the same old stand-by to my friend's weddings...the floral dress. Don't get me wrong, I love floral dresses, and dresses, and florals, but I wanted to mix it up and do something different for a change. Instead of buying a new outfit, I shopped my own closet (for once). I pulled out my fun ruffled white pants, and paired it with a nude off-shoulder top. I took some of my etsy-found enamel brooches and placed them on my blouse. Because the weather is so unpredictable in June in Seattle (hello 80 degrees and sunny one day, and 55 degrees and rain the next), I brought along my beige shawl coat that I had previously decorated with the floral brooches. I brought out my beloved Gucci Marmont bag, and added gold chunky heels and gold jewelry. Luckily for the bride and groom, the wedding and the weather turned out to be blissful. Xo Kelsey

Cheers to the Bride and Groom Kristi and Ehren!
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Gingham. Not Just for Picnics...

When you think of summer fashion, gingham usually isn't too far down the list. I mean who wouldn't want to look like a picnic table cloth or a bunch on printed paper plates? Ok, I get it. Gingham is most often associated with picnics ONLY, NOT fashion. But I think it's transition into stylish spring/summer collections over the last few years has finally reached staying power. It is fun, and festive and fits right in with the mood of this time of year, regardless if you are wearing it or dining on it. This top is especially on-trend with the flower and parrot sequin embellishments along with the fluttery sleeves and billow-y silhouette. I just couldn't pass up this adorable blouse at Zara a few weeks ago while in Honolulu. I paired it with a pair of patchwork jeans (another summer trend gaining steam), and adorable matching floral cage heels, also from Zara. This is a great get up to wear to an outdoor BBQ or dinner party...or even a picnic! Just loose the heals if you will be walking around in the grass...Heals and grass don't mix unless you are fine with your heels sinking into the ground! xo Kelsey

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Ted Baker Kimono

We all have that item in our closet that stand out above the rest. For me it's my collection of floral kimonos. I recently added another one to my collection from Ted Baker that also doubles as a scarf. While shopping with my boyfriend in Honolulu, we stopped into the Ted Baker store at Ala Moana Center to look at some warm weather shirts for him. Of course I strayed over to the women's section and spotted this gorgeous scarf kimono. It was the print that drew me in...butterflies, birds, and flowers in gorgeous blues, and purples. Yes please! Although I walked away from it initially, I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I came back and bought it. Now it is proudly displayed in my closet, hanging were I can see it every day. The mirrored print is so beautiful it's like a work of art! For kimonos I like to pair them with comfortable jeans like these vintage wide legs, and a simple white cotton tank for comfort. I added some abalone jewelry from House of Harlow and my fabulous Loeffler Randall slides, which are getting a lot more wear now that the sun is out. See my other kimono blog post here. xo Kelsey

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