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Do It Yourself Bomber Jacket with Vintage Brooches...

Strolling through Nordstrom one rainy Seattle day, I came across the most gorgeous Marc Jacobs coat from his Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The coat was a varsity bomber jacket complete with adorable little charms sewn on the front. I knew the jacket would be waaaaaaay out of my price range, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do it myself! You can do it too!...1.) Purchase a low-cost bomber jacket from your favorite retailer. I found this burgundy satin bomber jacket for sale on necessaryclothing.com. 2.) Go on etsy.com and do a search for "vintage brooch lot." A bunch of fantastic choices of vintage brooches in various styles will come up in your search. I searched specifically for "gold brooch lot," but you can choose any type of brooches you like. I ordered two brooch lots along with some brooches that I purchased separately on etsy.com. 3.) Once the all brooches and jacket arrived, I laid the bomber jacket flat and placed the brooches on the jacket in a style to my liking, and then pinned away (as in pinning a brooch to my jacket, not pinning on Pintrest ;). Voila! An adorable Marc Jacobs knock-off bomber jacket, complete with vintage brooches that won't break the bank. I estimated I paid just under $100 for the jacket and all the brooches. Well worth the fun and compliments I've gotten from this DIY bomber jacket.

Pretty in Pink...

For most of us that could use a little touch of spring in our lives, pink is a refreshing color to perk up those winter blues. I like to pair it with classic black for winter. I'm normally not much of a pink girl, although I love feminine style of all kinds and pink is the ultimate color of femininity. After a few seasons of not seeing a color for awhile it usually feels fresh and new. Not like pink is an uncommon color, but I'll be adding it back into my wardrobe for spring and summer. For similar styles please view my Witlee page. xo Kelsey

Be Mine...

Happy Valentine's Day! I put together a festive outfit for this day and finally got to include my adorable red Saint Laurent heart bag! I got the bag on sale as I like to wait until "trend" products are marked down. The blouse I found on etsy, the sweater from necessaryclothing.com, and the pants are Missguided from Nordstrom. Find similar styles on my Witlee page. Have a fabulous day full of love, laughter, and fun! xo

Dark Florals...

Winter. Not the time of year you think of flowers, but at least there are dark floral print fashions to cheer you up from the winter blues! Floral prints are always a closet staple of mine no matter what time of year. I especially love dark floral prints for fall and winter ("Dark Florals" usually consist of flowers printed on fabric with a black or dark background). This lovely blouse was purchased on asos.com on sale. I adore the capelet styling and feminine details. I paired the blouse with black paper bag waist pants, also from asos.com, and these gorgeous Tory Burch flower heels given to me by my boyfriend for Christmas. I can't wait to wear this out with my stylish friends for drinks and dinner. Cheers!

Floral blouse by Asos
Tie-waist pants by Asos
Heels by Tory Burch
Handbag by Saint Laurent
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