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Swinging Into Winter Style...

Happy Winter! Ok, I know that statement doesn't get a lot of enthusiasm. It's been frigidly cold up here in the PNW, I've been sick more times than normal this winter, and my face is dryer than the Sahara. Plus I injured my pinky finger. 6 weeks in a teeny tiny splint. No fun. But I got an outfit that has been keeping me happy (and warm) during this cold winter. Meet my 1950s wool vintage swing coat! I bought this on Ebay about 10 years ago and it's a coat I bring out when I need a bit of color to make me happy during the misery of winter. I love the fur and the 'Y' detail on the back. I paired it with an adorable high-neck ruffle blouse from a new website called The Demode, along with my comfy skinnies, Chanel boots, and Gucci belt. The Saint Laurent Bag has been on heavy rotation this fall and winter as well. I really adore this bag because it goes with just about everything, being black and all. Stay warm out there; it's a cold one!
Vintage 1950s era swing coat
Blouse by The Demode
Jeans by Citizens of Humanity
Boots by Chanel - sold out
Belt by Gucci
Bag by Saint Laurent

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My Favorite New Winter Coat for 2017!

Happy New Year! I'm hoping 2017 is as magical as 2016 was for me personally! I wanted to showcase my black and white lace Self Portrait coat I purchased recently. I saw this coat at Nordstrom and decided to wait for it to go on sale (the pricetag was waaaaay too steep!), and was happy that they honored my price match from another store online. Btw, Nordy's is GREAT about honoring lower prices from other retailers, so always do your research if you are planning on purchasing a designer item from there. I know this coat will get in a lot of wears this winter because it is ridiculously warm. Most "fashion" coats kinda suck in keeping a girl warm during such a frigid winter as this one! I paired the coat with a Forever 21 beanie, my Jimmy Choo Sunglasses, black skinny jeans, my lucite wedge boots from Maison Margiela for h&m, and the adorable black leather gloves I purchased in Italy from Twinset. The gloves feature small acrylic pearls around the hem with an black bow. These gloves pared perfectly with my black and white lace coat, and kept my fingers warm during the shoot.
Coat by Self Portrait.
Gloves by Twin Set (sold out)
Shoes by Maison Margiela for h&m
Beanie by Forever 21
Black jeans by Citizen's of Humanity
Sunglasses by Jimmy Choo
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