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Zara Got Me Like...

No really. I have the Zara bug and it's got me hard. I admit that I tried to stay away from Zara and the concept of "fast fashion," because honestly I not much into cheap quality, throw away, over-by-next-month trend clothing. I see it as frivolous and wasteful, and I'd much rather spend my hard earned money on something of better quality. I resisted Zara for a few years after it's ubiquitous arrival in the Pacific Northwest. Not surprisingly, the PNW seemed like the last place for Zara's arrival. The Spanish retailer obviously had been doing well around the world, so it was only a matter of time before it made it's way to our rainy city. The first Zara store in the Seattle area opened in downtown Seattle. Not exactly the place I go to shop. I prefer free parking or sitting on my butt in sweatpants on my computer, clicking my mouse and waiting a few days for the package to arrive. Even though I love fashion, shopping on foot, especially in a noisy, wet city, really isn't my thing. But when Zara opened in Bellevue where the old J.C. Penny used to be, and my friend drug me in there, I was immediately sold. I guess I was expecting another H&M, but in Zara I found more fashion forward finds, as opposed to watered down versions of the latest runway fashions. I could tell that Zara designers don't copy other designers, but they do take the trends and make them their own and unique. I admire that about Zara. This outfit is made almost entirely of Zara finds, with the exceptions of the shoes, bag, jewelry, and beret. The beret I scored on Asos.com, one of my other favorite fashion forward websites that doesn't break the bank and always has unique items. This entire outfit minus the non-Zara items cost less than $250. I love the simple plaid pants with the high-waist (a favorite pant style of mine). The sparkling "Femme" shirt goes perfect with all the feminist motif fashions out there at the moment. And the jacket...THIS jacket! It's one of my favorite pieces I've bought this year. Not only is it stylish, it's also incredibly warm, which always comes in handy during these next few dark, wet, and cold months here in Seattle. I'm going to do my best to stay out of Zara because it's one of those stores that sucks you in and leaves you with some gorgeous new clothing you (probably) don't need. Zara...I'll see you this spring for a revisit to see what you have for the new season. For now, I'll do my best to stay away from you and keep my wallet hidden from your temping clothes. Xo -Kelsey

All items by Zara except...
Beret by Asos
Bag by Saint Laurent
Shoes by Topshop

The Perfect Floral Blouse for Fall...

Many stylish people have a specific go-to print of choice that might include plaid, polka-dots (another one of my favorites), or cheetah/leopard print. Mine is floral prints. "Hi I'm Kelsey, and I'm a floral-print addict." I can't even keep them clear of my closet in the fall or winter! You can take all the solid-colors, plaids, leopard, or whatever your favorite print or non print of choice might be, but please don't deprive me of my florals! I will find a way to incorporate floral prints into my fall/winter wardrobe, and this blouse just makes it all too easy. The blouse by Australian label Spell & The Gypsy Collective, caught my eye immediately, as it is splashed with a beautiful floral print in shades of yellow and orange that more resemble the changing fall leaves, as opposed to the typical floral garment that is normally adorned in pastels and bright colors. With this blouse I can still get away with wearing floral print, while sporting a classic fall color pallet. The finishing touch includes these awesome side-ruffle jeans by Citizen's of Humanity, my classic gucci GG belt, and my Gucci Marmont bag and fringe slides. It's still not cold enough to pack away mules and slides, so I'll hang onto them until my it's strictly time for closed toe shoes. Once that happens I would pair this outfit with nude boots and add a faux fur cream vest. The blouse also won't be packed away with much of my fall/winter wardrobe come spring, as it will work beautifully with white pants or shorts for warmer weather seasons. Xo Kelsey

Transitioning Summer's Lace Tops, into Autumn...

So white lace tops have pretty much been dominating the style set for the last few seasons. This year showed no slowing down in this flattering trend that is now at classic status. Now that we are finally having a cool down in the weather and fall is in the air, it feels right to pack away summer's white lace tops. But you don't have to do it! Your white lace tops can still be worn for fall and winter and this includes long or short sleeves, and even sleeveless styles. You can layer them over a black or white matching turtleneck (as long as the lace top isn't too fitted), or incorporate them into your layering routine which is always a great option for the colder months ahead. Even though I don't show you how to layer my sleeveless white top below, it's easy to add a black leather jacket or sweater (or both) into this look. Click here for another way I've styled a lace top. The white lace top can also be fancied-up with a pleated skirt in satin or velvet, or dressed down with jeans and boots. I like to incorporate whimsical touches to my outfits, like this adorable Gucci inspired bow-brooch with white flower I found from a fantastic independent designer on etsy. She makes them in other colors too! I'm still seeing white lace blouses in style for spring of 2018 so it's never a waste to purchase a few in different styles and sleeve lengths, because this popular garment definitely has strong staying power for many seasons ahead! xo, Kelsey

Blouse by Chicwish
Brooch by Olga Re on Etsy
Bag by Saint Laurent
Pants by Asos
Shoes by Tory Burch
Bracelets by Hermes and J.Crew